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StartupValley CEO to Speak at Crowdfunding & Higher Education Symposium

By Startup Valley, Posted in Events

Saturday December 15th, CEO of StartupValley, Daryl H. Bryant, will be speaking at the Crowdfunding & Higher Education Symposium in Philadelphia, PA. This inaugural event will take place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. This event is put on by Crowdfunding Campuses and Phabriq Development.CrowdFunding Campuses put together this event to “Restore the American Dream from Campus to Main Street.” Along with Bryant, there will be other leaders within the industry attending this Symposium to... read more.

Misinformation Spread About Crowdfunding

By Startup Valley, Posted in Crowdfunding

Late last week, an article in Investment News reported the Commonwealth of Massachusetts accused two oil companies of performing fraudulent crowdfunding. While both gas companies took part in two different acts of fraud, they were not at all related to crowdfunding, thus projecting misinformation about a still unborn industry that received bipartisan support in the passing of the JOBS Act in April of this year. It has been reported that Prodigy Oil and Gas LLC sold $464,000 in securities that were unregiste... read more.

Tips for Entrepreneurs: Pitch, Marketing, and Preparation

By Startup Valley, Posted in Entrepreneurs

Building awareness and promoting your new business idea is time consuming and takes lots of effort. There are multiple strategies that can be applied when in the process of launching your startup, but make sure not to spread yourself to thin. If you are currently waiting for the SEC to finalize the crowdfunding regulations and think that your business is all ready to go, think again. Consider tackling a few of the tips listed below in the meantime. Market YourselfOne of the most important things that c... read more.

SEC Chairwoman Schapiro Steps Down, Walter Steps In

By Startup Valley, Posted in Crowdfunding

Earlier this week, Chairwoman Mary L. Schapiro, the head of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has announced that she will be stepping down from her role on December 14th.  Shapiro was questioned during a Congressional meeting back in 2010 when she failed to deliver the missing components of fraud that was performed by Bernard Madoff. The fraudulent act is said to be a Ponzi scheme in 2008, which took place while Mary Schapiro was active in her position at the SEC.Replacing Mary Schapiro will... read more.

StartupValley participates in SEC Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation

By Startup Valley, Posted in Events

What?StartupValley is excited to announce that we will be attending the SEC Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation in Washington D.C. today. We are eager to learn informative information from the panels who will be addressing the implementation of the JOBS Act as well as discussing issues with small business capital which will not be noted within the JOBS Act. In early 2013, StartupValley will be a full functioning portal that will allow tech startups and businesses to raise capital f... read more.

How the JOBS Act Will Revolutionize Investing

By Startup Valley, Posted in Investors

The JOBS Act is a bipartisan bill which aims to support startup companies and small businesses by making it easier for them to access capital than ever before. A key feature of the bill that has gained a high amount of attention is the crowdfunding portion. Once the JOBS Act is approved, startups will be able to jumpstart their business by quickly raising capital online for shared equity in return.Crowdfunding will open up a world of new funding possibilities for entrepreneurs, investors, and areas of the e... read more.

What Makes One Crowdfunding Portal Better Than The Next

By Startup Valley, Posted in Crowdfunding

If money is the main thing discouraging you from launching your startup, stop waiting! Crowdfunding portals are a great way to present your potential business idea to others, engage your audience, and utilize your online connections to build awareness for your startup. Crowdfunding has been used in the past to support a wide variety of activities and causes, including: disaster relief, support of artists by fans, political campaigns, free software development, and startup company funding.While crowdfunding... read more.

StartupValley Featured on Forbes.com

By Startup Valley, Posted in Events

Technology-focused equity crowdfunding portal, StartupValley has been mentioned on Forbes.com! Kirsten Bischoff, a Forbes contributor includes StartupValley in her recent article: “Equity Crowdfunding Portals Hit the Desert to Prep for 2013 Launches.” Bischoff writes that up until now, Kickstarter was probably the best known crowdfunding platform, allowing people to trade anything from t-shirts and thank you cards, with investors willing to back their dreams. Due to specific portions of the JOBS... read more.

StartupValley Heads to Crowdfunding Bootcamp

By Startup Valley, Posted in Events

StartupValley will be heading to Crowdfunding Bootcamp at the Ravella Resort and Spa, Lake Las Vegas, NV. Unlike typical events, the lineup of speakers at the first annual Crowdfunding Bootcamp event will speak, and teach event goers valuable skills. At the same time, this bootcamp will help entrepreneurs prepare for equity crowdfunding. The first annual Crowdfunding Bootcamp event will be led by an incredible group of advisors who have all worked hard to lead the charge in order to make this event one to r... read more.

Equity Crowdfunding: Good News for Investors and Entrepreneurs

By Startup Valley, Posted in Equity Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding could mean great news for investors as well as entrepreneurs. Through equity crowdfunding, new entrepreneurs can invest in a new startup company that they see growth potential for. The JOBS Act will completely change the traditional way that startups have sought out funds for their business in the past. This new bill also sets new rules in place that will protect investors, and ensure fairness for both parties. The JOBS Act will create new opportunities for small businesses and stre... read more.