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How Crowdfunding Will Affect Technology

By Startup Valley, Posted in Crowdfunding

With the April passage of the JOBS Act, online crowdfunding has been a topic of discussion within the past few months. During the present time, the SEC is still working on finalizing the rules and regulations for the new online crowdfunding for equity model. You can currently register with StartupValley and we will inform you once the regulations have been released and the full site is ready for investors as well as future entrepreneurs like yourself. Online crowdfunding has already proved itself to be a su... read more.

How To Raise Funds for Your Startup Through Crowdfunding

By Startup Valley, Posted in Crowdfunding

With the current state of our economy, it has become more difficult than ever before for startup businesses to secure funding from banks and various other financial institutions. With the birth of the JOBS Act, companies will have the ability to raise funds through the crowd and in exchange, give a portion of equity in their company for each related investment. Below are some basics about crowdfunding and how you can raise funds in order to support or launch your new startup or business idea.Spread the word... read more.

Investing in an Idea or Startup – What Investors Should Be Looking For

By Startup Valley, Posted in Investors

You’ve set aside funds to take a risk on the next best innovation, and you’re ready to listen to pitches in search of a worthy concept. Unfortunately, even though you like the idea, you’re still reluctant to invest. The truth is, you should be reluctant. If the pitch doesn’t give you a clear understanding of what the product is and how it works, the business model and a clear explanation of what the raised funds will be used for, then you should be on to the next one.However, there a... read more.

4 Tips on Pitching Your Idea to an Investor

By Startup Valley, Posted in Entrepreneurs

You’ve got an idea that’s revolutionary. You’ve come to the conclusion that the pros of starting your own business outweigh the cons, and you’re ready to put your idea into motion. You’ve decided to take the road to entrepreneurship – this project is your passion and you’re willing to take financial risks to make it happen. However, when determining the overhead costs, or how much money it would take to simply operate your business, you’ve realized that you ma... read more.

Crowdfunding Bootcamp for Startups and Entrepreneurs

By Startup Valley, Posted in Events

Have you ever wanted to start your own business, but didn’t have the funds to do so? Or maybe you have your own business, but don’t have the finances to sustain it? The Crowdfunding Bootcamp, taking place in Henderson, Nevada on October 9-11, is your chance to learn how to use crowdfunding to raise capital for your business.What is crowdfunding? How can it help me start my business?Crowdfunding is the act of raising money from a group of individuals (most frequently via the internet) to execute... read more.

Turning a Passion into a Business

By Startup Valley, Posted in Crowdfunding

It’s no secret that many people hate their jobs. While the reasons for hating a job can vary from disliking the boss, hating the field of work or just looking for a greater challenge, people are unhappy with their careers.Although entrepreneurs take financial risks in starting their own businesses, they do it because they are adamant about doing something they love. Entrepreneurs are turning their passions into business every day. What’s the difference between entrepreneurs and you? Entrepreneur... read more.

Equity Crowdfunding Set to Break Barriers

By Startup Valley, Posted in Equity Crowdfunding

Remember the impact of the invention of the Internet had on our daily lives? It’s hard to imagine what we ever did on a daily basis without the use of the web.The equity crowdfunding industry is on the front lines of the biggest innovation in recent memory. The economy and the way businesses are funded will vastly change once the SEC agrees upon the newest regulations in 2013.What is the Difference?Some may be wondering what is so special about equity crowdfunding when there are already crowdfunding c... read more.