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5 Social Media Strategies for a Strong Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

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5 Social Media Strategies for a Strong Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

By Startup Valley (518 words)
Posted in Equity Crowdfunding on December 31, 2013

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The 2012 passage of the JOBS Act provided hope for thousands of entrepreneurs around the nation. When the new law is fully implemented, startups will no longer face unfair restrictions on fundraising efforts. With access to equity crowdfunding, the U.S. business community may enter a new era of development and healthy cooperation. Here are five social media tips to help you fully capitalize on this new era of equity crowdfunding campaigns

Control Your Message and Keep Your Team Focused

Message control is important for any social media campaign. The more people that get involved in your campaign, the more informative your message should be. Take every reasonable step to keep team members focused on your central crowdfunding pitch.

Lay the Foundations for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Sometimes, otherwise intelligent entrepreneurs mistakenly assume that brand building starts at the opening of the crowdfunding campaign. To maximize the success of your campaign, be sure to build social media followers long before your campaign begins. To learn how to navigate this process properly, it is often helpful to look at vibrant, promising startups and how they operate. 

Make Social Media Posts Brief and Information-Packed

One of the most important things to remember in any social media strategy is that the online world moves quickly. This is especially true for social networks. Although some projects are very involved and complex, it is vital to communicate the essence of your campaign in a sentence or two. The power of social media is not in communicating large amounts of information at once. Rather, social media excels at providing brief prompts that entice readers to seek out more details. Be sure to keep tweets and Facebook posts short and to the point.

On your campaign’s main page, break up large walls of text with relevant headers. Reduce reader exhaustion with numbered lists and page breaks where appropriate. These strategies will prevent a prospective contributor from feeling overwhelmed. 

Stay Connected With Crowdfunding Supporters

Regardless of the level of success your equity campaign achieves, it's important to keep in touch with the contributors that showed interest in your crowdfunding campaign. If you reached your goal, be sure to keep contributors up to date on the project. Let investors know what to expect for the future of your project.

Most equity crowdfunding projects will experience setbacks and complications. Show respect to those who believed enough in your campaign to invest in it. Keep investors updated on any changes in project goals and deadlines. If you experience unanticipated delays in any phase of the project, be honest and responsive to any questions.

Exploit Up-And-Coming Social Networks

Facebook and Twitter are outstanding networks with proven effectiveness. Though it only takes a few minutes to set up new social media accounts, taking the time to execute these tasks can produce outstanding results. Regularly share engaging content to build a following on popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest .

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