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Grow Your Business Through Equity Crowdfunding

By Startup Valley, Posted in About StartupValley

In exchange for an ownership stake in your business, hundreds or thousands of investors will be able to line up to give your company the funding it needs to get off the ground, fulfill a large order or simply complete the first prototype of your new product. A Steady Pool of InvestorsOne of many reasons why equity crowdfunding can be such a great way to grow your business is because you can create a steady flow of investors. While some don't mind investing in a new idea before it is fully developed, other... read more.

#StartupLab at StartupValley – A One-Stop Shop for all Things Entrepreneurship!

By Startup Valley, Posted in About StartupValley

Have you ever thought about what you would ask the founders of the world's most successful startups -- like RentTheRunway, 99Designs and iContact?If you could really pick their founders’ brains, what would you MOST want to know?We have some exciting news to share with you -- you don't have to wonder anymore. You can ask some of the top startup founders in the world right now anything you want, live, every month -- and get their hard-won advice in eBooks and articles delivered right to your inbox, too.... read more.

Best of 2012 for StartupValley

By Startup Valley, Posted in About StartupValley

StartupValley was created to help small technology businesses get off the ground. StartupValley knows this first hand as the Founder & CEO has been an entrepreneur for the last 15 years and knows all about the struggles in raising capital. StartupValley has had a fantastic last few months in its inaugural year of 2012. There are many changes that will be continued to be made throughout StartupValley to allow startups and investors to have a user-friendly and exciting experience.June 2012StartupValley Fo... read more.