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Posts in Startups

Tips to Create a Successful Business

By Startup Valley, Posted in Startups

Was your resolution this New Year to start your own business? If you're still determined, you're further along than others who gave up their 2015 goals on January 2.Creating and maintaining a healthy business is a constant endeavor. You always need to measure what went well, what didn't, and what you learned from those experiences.Forbes says 80 percent of businesses close down within the first year. Don't become a statistic; start your business off right with these tips.Do your researchAre you planning to... read more.

4 Ways to Raise Exposure for Your Startup

By Startup Valley, Posted in Startups

If you've taken the time to develop a lucrative idea into a viable business opportunity, the next step is usually to begin raising awareness of your brand or product. Entrepreneurs who take the time to learn about ideal marketing practices may feel that they've covered all of their bases, but that initial recognition that you need to really take off is one of the most challenging parts of successfully launching your startup. Use these valuable methods to properly position your company.Establish Your Busines... read more.

5 Tips to Running a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

By Startup Valley, Posted in Startups

Crowdfunding is a tool that helps businesses raise startup funds to begin selling new products or services. During 2012, supporters contributed about $2.7 billion to campaigns of this type. The unity and power of the crowd made it possible for many entrepreneurs to create apparel, books, gadgets, video games and other goods. However, your pitch must be strong prior to submitting your campaign on a crowdfunding portal, like StartupValley. Consider the following criteria in order to craft an effective campaig... read more.

Budgeting Tips for Startup Businesses

By Startup Valley, Posted in Startups

Starting a business is an exciting time in your life, but unfortunately too few potential entrepreneurs are able to generate enough revenue to keep their business afloat. The key to a successful start-up is to keep your costs low while implementing a solid plan to make a profit. If you're thinking of creating your own technology or internet startup, consider the following tips:1. Cut down on office space costs. You don't need a large office in a fancy area of town until you're at the point where you have to... read more.

The Most Common Mistakes Made by Startups

By Startup Valley, Posted in Startups

In recent years, many startups have changed the face of the information-age economy with hot new brands and services. This has inspired a new wave of entrepreneurial activity in many sectors, especially those related to new technology and mobile advancements. While it is never possible to guarantee the success of a business, here are a number of common mistakes many new entrepreneurs make that can have a major impact on their businesses. Entrepreneurs who watch out for these blunders stand a much better cha... read more.