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Crowdfund Global Expo 2014 Provides In-Depth Investment Crowdfunding Education

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Crowdfund Global Expo 2014 Provides In-Depth Investment Crowdfunding Education

By Startup Valley (414 words)
Posted in Events on January 30, 2014

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Daryl H. Bryant, CEO and Founder of StartupValley, to lead Investment Crowdfunding panel at Crowdfund Global Expo in San Diego on January 30 and 31st, 2014.

San Diego, 4:50pm PST - Daryl H. Bryant, CEO and Founder of StartupValley, will speak at the Crowdfund Global Expo on Jan. 30 and 31st in San Diego. The Crowdfund Global Expo, hosted by Coastal Shows, will bring together experts in debt and equity crowdfunding, as well as commercial real estate, in order to deliver a top-tier educational experience on this game changing movement.

“Coastal Shows is bringing the best speakers in the industry together to give specialized service providers, investment professionals and issuers in-depth education on how JOBS Act legislation will affect the capital markets,” says Andrea Downs, CEO and Founder of Coastal Shows.

“I look forward to sharing my thoughts on the ‘Investing in Crowdfunding’ panel. It is always exciting to reconnect with and meet new industry experts while hearing the new insights they bring to the table,” says Daryl H. Bryant, CEO and Founder of StartupValley.

Bryant will join industry expert speakers who will lead three separate crowdfinance focused tracks in debt, equity and real estate crowdfunding. As an expert in equity Crowdfunding platforms and the technologies needed to build such platforms, Bryant will offer insight on Investment Crowdfunding and Title III of the JOBS Act.

Bryant sees Crowdfund Global Expo as an amazing educational tool for individuals hoping to join the industry-disrupting crowdfunding movement.

About StartupValley

StartupValley is an equity crowdfunding portal for the technology sector that will allow tech startups and emerging growth companies raise capital through the power of the crowd. Investors will be able to provide early-stage investments in these tech-based businesses in exchange for an equity share in their company.

StartupValley is targeting entrepreneurs with revolutionary technology-based ideas. The platform will provide companies with the ability to post their pitch, reach out to potential investors using their social influence, gain awareness, and gauge fan feedback on their business. Once the finalized rules are released by the SEC, StartupValley will be a fully functioning equity crowdfunding portal.

About Coastal Shows

Coastal Shows operates as an international, full service media company providing top-tier, tech-related educational experiences in the form of multifunctional events and tradeshows. Coastal Shows aims to deliver an elite and informative experience that connects attendees through innovative panel formats and exclusive access to current industry professionals. Coastal Shows’ team includes previous founders of the most prominent private conference, tradeshow and business publications media company in the wireless industry.

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