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Crowdfunding Boosts the US Economy

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Crowdfunding Boosts the US Economy

By Startup Valley (378 words)
Posted in Crowdfunding on November 13, 2014

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The growth of crowdfunding has made it clear that it’s not just a passing trend. Crowdfunding helps startup companies succeed, and successful businesses mean more jobs and income for their surrounding communities. This helps not only that particular area, but the United States as a whole, by bringing in taxes and building the economy. More businesses also mean higher income per household, which means more shopping at local stores which helps the economy.

The impact of crowdfunding as a whole is nearly overwhelming. The average successful crowdfunding campaign is approximately $7,000 for rewards and donations based on crowdfunding. Those that earn at least 30% of their goal in the first ten days are more likely to achieve success. Social media marketing helps immensely by connecting the general public to the crowdfunding platform through an inbound link. There is a definite correlation between the amount of friends a person or company has on Facebook to the success of their fundraising campaign.

These things may not seem important to you now, but when you learn the benefits equity crowdfunding can have, you will be intrigued. Crowdfunding backers can now own a piece of their favorite company through equity investment. Entrepreneurs can convert their best customers and advocates into the voices to move their company forward. Small business is the backbone of our economy.

According to Forbes, Title III of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act will boost fundraising and improve access to money for startups and entrepreneurs by providing an online method for companies to sell equity in their businesses to non-accredited investors. An accredited investor must meet a personal net worth or income test that excludes the majority of the population. There are still rules about how much each person can invest for equity crowdfunding but Title III really opens up the ability for the average American to invest.

The remarkable success of rewards-based crowdfunding proves the interest of the American public to support startups and small business projects by or making donations in exchange for products or thanks. The equity crowdfunding platform just increases the average American’s ability to invest in a startup company while making some money for themselves in the process. So, pick a good startup and invest today, and reap the rewards that can help America.





Comments (3)

Sara posted on: December 15, 2014

The article clearly describes the impact of crowdfunding on the US economy.
I'd like you to share link of a crowdfunding campaign where contribution can be made and perks can be earned!


Kickstarter posted on: December 9, 2016

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Sam Dias posted on: May 18, 2018

The article clearly describes the impact of crowdfunding on the US economy.
I'd like you to share link of a crowdfunding campaign where contribution can be made and perks can be earned!


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