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Crowdfunding Bootcamp for Startups and Entrepreneurs

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Crowdfunding Bootcamp for Startups and Entrepreneurs

By Startup Valley (398 words)
Posted in Events on August 24, 2012

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Have you ever wanted to start your own business, but didn’t have the funds to do so? Or maybe you have your own business, but don’t have the finances to sustain it? The Crowdfunding Bootcamp, taking place in Henderson, Nevada on October 9-11, is your chance to learn how to use crowdfunding to raise capital for your business.

What is crowdfunding? How can it help me start my business?

Crowdfunding is the act of raising money from a group of individuals (most frequently via the internet) to execute a project, idea, campaign or business, in exchange for a reward. The benefits of crowdfunding are too good to be ignored.

Anyone can present their campaign at no charge. However, for optimal success, you must present a detailed explanation of your project, and furthermore, how the raised capital will benefit your project. A successful campaign will encourage people to donate the amount of funds needed to launch your cause.

Equity Crowdfunding

StartupValley differs from other crowdfunding websites because while websites such as KickStarter and Indiegogo are reward-based – monetary donations in exchange for a product or other company-related reward – StartupValley is one of the first websites that practices equity crowdfunding – monetary donations in exchange for equity in your business or idea. Equity crowdfunding is currently illegal, but due to the JOBS Act, equity crowdfunding will be legalized as of January 1, 2013.


Crowdfunding Bootcamp

Since crowdfunding is a valuable way to raise capital for startups, the Crowdfunding Bootcamp on October 9-11 will teach business representatives advanced equity crowdfunding strategies, so that they may effectively raise the money needed to achieve business success. The conference will bring entrepreneurs, small business owners and students to the Ravella Resort and Spa on Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada, where influential equity crowdfunding pioneers will discuss important, beneficial aspects of equity crowdfunding.

In addition, business owners will also have access to accountants, lawyers and social media advisors to discuss rules and regulations. Attendees will not only leave with the knowledge of how to raise money for their own business, but new connections that can help make it happen.

With the conference kicking off in a little over a month, StartupValley is proud to announce that the new equity crowdfunding website is a VIP sponsor of the Crowdfunding Bootcamp convention.

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