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CrowdfundTX Conference

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CrowdfundTX Conference

By Startup Valley (271 words)
Posted in Events on January 11, 2013

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Earlier this week, future entrepreneurs and investors gathered at The CrowdfundingTX Conference which took place in Austin, Texas. The event was organized by Chris Camillo, a member of the Crowdfunding Professionals Association board. Core issues were brought up and discussed in order for attendees to gain insight on how crowdfunding will change jobs, cost, fraud, and more.

While the final rules and regulations of the JOBS Act still need to be finalized, companies who have incorporated crowdfunding into their strategy have been able to create jobs that are currently “on hold.” Every company makes different use of the internet and how they can raise funds online, but traditional crowdfunding is still alive and well.

Jonathan Sandlund of TheCrowdCafe attended the conference where he discussed how crowdfunding will combat gender and racial issues. While speaking, Sandlund also filmed a segment for an upcoming documentary titled, Crowd of Angels. He talked about different ways crowdfunding will provoke change in equity crowdfunding and venture capital companies, by introducing more women entrepreneurs. People of different ethnicities can now also control the amount of funds raised through crowdfunding portals such as, StartupValley.

Many are skeptical when it comes to online crowdfunding fraud. Jonathan Sandlund reviewed $250 million worth of different crowdfunding transactions and did not detect fraud.

A highlight of CrowdfundingTX is when Jason Best, of Crowdfund Capital Advisors stressed that crowdfunding will be international. Crowdfunding sites are rapidly growing in Europe, and investment crowdfundng is currently legal in the United Kingdom and Australia. Overall, the CrowdfundingTX conference included an impressive panel of speakers, which all gave significant hints suggesting the power of crowdfunding.

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