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Daryl H. Bryant Speaks at Montclair State University Entrepreneurship Class

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Daryl H. Bryant Speaks at Montclair State University Entrepreneurship Class

By Startup Valley (565 words)
Posted in Events on September 17, 2013

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Daryl H. Bryant speaks to young entrepreneursEarlier this month- Founder and CEO of StartupValley, Daryl H. Bryant spoke at the 1st ever Montclair State University entrepreneurship class. The Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship, in which Bryant sits on the Advisory Board, focuses heavily on the entrepreneurial mindset and working hard to make your vision come to life. As an alumnus of MSU, Bryant strongly encouraged students to never put their dreams on hold. He is knowledgeable about what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and take some necessary risks along the way.

While still an undergrad student at MSU, Bryant started a company by the name of Liquor Lamps. The business was focused around recycling empty liquor bottles and turning them into trendy statement lamps. Daryl primarily promoted the company by word-of-mouth and online. Students were particularly intrigued about the concept and continued to ask their questions.

In addition to StartupValley, Mr. Bryant is also President and CEO of Hudson Horizons – Integrated Web Agency. He explained the company’s journey and how much the brand has evolved over the past ten years. The agency provides quality web and marketing services to both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

Having worked for a software company shortly after completing his undergrad degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, Bryant had a clear vision of how he wanted to run his future company. Today, Hudson Horizons has established a strong company culture, continuing to expand their services and work force. Hudson Horizons currently holds offices in Saddle Brook, New Jersey and New York City.

The students had plenty of questions for Bryant

Bryant explains his Hudson Horizons vision:

“Our mission is simple: we help businesses achieve success online. By combining custom web, mobile, social and search strategies, the Hudson Horizons team provides clients with cutting-edge complete online marketing solutions. We establish and maintain a solid online presence for all clients, helping them stay a step ahead of their competitors.”

Mr. Bryant is extremely proud to have been given the chance to share his experiences as an entrepreneur with the ambitious students at the Feliciano Center. Daryl is adamant on students taking full advantage of the resources that are readily available to them such as the center for entrepreneurship and sharing business ideas with a professor or mentor.

Daryl speaking to the class

“I was elated when Daryl (Bryant) agreed to be the inaugural speaker for our very first entrepreneurship class at Montclair State University. Why, because Daryl has a very compelling entrepreneurship story going back to his days at MSU and the Liquor Lamp business he created. But what was most gratifying to see was how our students connected with Daryl and continually asked good questions to understand Daryl’s entrepreneurial mindset and how he applies that mindset in his Hudson Horizons and StartupValley businesses. It was both enlightening and fun to watch.” – Dennis Bone, Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship Director

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