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How Crowdfunding Will Affect Technology

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How Crowdfunding Will Affect Technology

By Startup Valley (490 words)
Posted in Crowdfunding on September 21, 2012

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With the April passage of the JOBS Act, online crowdfunding has been a topic of discussion within the past few months. During the present time, the SEC is still working on finalizing the rules and regulations for the new online crowdfunding for equity model. You can currently register with StartupValley and we will inform you once the regulations have been released and the full site is ready for investors as well as future entrepreneurs like yourself. Online crowdfunding has already proved itself to be a successful model, but it will be interesting to see what changes the JOBS Act will create for technology startups.

Traditional Funding- Old News?

Being able to quickly invest and share equity in tech startups that you are genuinely interested in will revolutionize the way startup companies launch, as well as how quickly companies are able to launch their product, service, or brand. Modern day technology allows us to complete tasks more efficiently on a daily basis with the use of the internet, smart phones, and apps. Now that non-traditional investors could in fact be partly responsible for funding a tech startup on StartupValley, it will be interesting to see what the future holds. Startups that are looking for a larger amount of financial backing will no longer have to go through the slow and difficult process of dealing with a traditional investor. Traditional funding methods have been static and somewhat left behind by many who have been seeking funds through the crowd to aid in the launch of their startup.

Online Crowdfunding Will Introduce New Technology

Online crowdfunding has been working best where existing funding models have been failing. With the convenience of raising funds online, startups will finally be able to secure the capital that they need in order to spawn new technology including: mobile, social, renewable energy, etc. A great form of existing technology that many startups have had great success in building their network is utilizing social networking platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Creating social network profiles for your startup will allow you to professionally promote and present brand image, products, concepts, and connect with potential investors. Allowing startup technology companies to raise funds online can make it easier to introduce new devices that will positively impact our lives.

A New Breed of Entrepreneurs

When seeking funding for your startup the traditional way, investors require personal information that could be a deciding factor in whether or not your startup receives the funds it requires. The beauty of online crowdfunding for shared equity is that users have the ability to choose just how much they wish to invest in a particular company, and divvy up funds accordingly. It will be exciting to find out what the future holds, what new tech ideas will be brought forward, and meet a new breed of entrepreneurs.

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