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How the JOBS Act Will Revolutionize Investing

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How the JOBS Act Will Revolutionize Investing

By Startup Valley (360 words)
Posted in Investors on November 05, 2012

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The JOBS Act is a bipartisan bill which aims to support startup companies and small businesses by making it easier for them to access capital than ever before. A key feature of the bill that has gained a high amount of attention is the crowdfunding portion. Once the JOBS Act is approved, startups will be able to jumpstart their business by quickly raising capital online for shared equity in return.

Crowdfunding will open up a world of new funding possibilities for entrepreneurs, investors, and areas of the economy that have been neglected. Although the JOBS Act will make investing into a startup company very simple, investors still like to invest in an idea they feel is innovative and profitable. This is one reason why technology based startups are so well funded, trusted, and supported. Technology startups offer a wide range of growth possibilities where products can be further developed as technology advances.

Nearly every entrepreneur would agree that the early stage investing process is isolated, and tedious. Companies share information to one investor after another, all in separate meetings, all with the same goal of telling the right story to a particular investor. A well-regulated crowdfunding portal such as StartupValley will help investors prevent fraud by requiring companies to share their information widely. Crowdfunding is direct and personalized and will be responsible for an array of successful startup companies getting up off the ground, and have the financial backing to meet their goals.

The JOBS Act will revolutionize investing, because acquiring and securing investments for your startups will be simpler than ever before. The bill will enable a cultural shift in the context of social media and the power of the crowd. The old regulations and structure were blocking the power of the crowd to fund businesses. That obstacle will be a thing of the past now that the ‘average’ person will have the opportunity to invest in a startup company that they truly believe in.

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