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How to Gain Publicity for Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

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How to Gain Publicity for Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

By Startup Valley (539 words)
Posted in Equity Crowdfunding on February 18, 2014

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While the giants of industry such as ConAgra Foods, General Electric and IBM may loom over their pygmy competitors, the tens of thousands of smaller, lesser-known startups that dot the United States tend to be the main movers of economic activity.

Virtually any startup will soon encounter the necessity for declaring its dawning presence in a crowded field of competitors who are all chasing the same investment capital. Effective publicity is the art of politely yelling, "We're here, and we're ready for business!" The following tips should help with letting potential investors know of an excellent opportunity to participate in the future of a brash newcomer.

- Start researching your audience early. The first impression is always the strongest, so make certain your first impressions are attractive and clear. The most likely investors are those who would be interested in your products or services themselves, so first figure out what problems or concerns are addressed by your offerings and then find forums, websites or social-media groups that touch on those problems or concerns. Ask questions as needed in these venues to clarify your picture of what future customers might want from your company.

- Prepare a short, sweet summary of your company's offerings and run it past potential customers. Invite questions and commentary that will lead to a stronger, clearer summary. Speak plainly and avoid unnecessary jargon or meaningless buzzwords that almost certainly will cause many investors to tune out and drop out of the running as crowdfunding prospects.

- Make a list of well-known journalists who cover your industry niche. Some publications employ a number of writers who may orbit your niche, so don't hesitate to contact a senior or associate editor at these publications who can tell you which writer to approach. Learn as much as you can about your marketing targets before writing personalized letters that first briefly acknowledge their contributions and then succinctly explain your new firm's goods, services and how they fill the needs of customers. A lead time of at least three to four months will increase the chances of a helpful blurb appearing in an influential publication such as Businessweek during the time period you have scheduled for a hard investment push.

- Post regular, meaningful updates to Twitter, Facebook and other major social-media platforms. As with other communications, avoid empty blabber in favor of genuinely interesting nuggets of information and real milestones. Attention is a precious commodity, and showing respect for your readers will cause them to have respect for your company and its investment potential.

- Don't neglect press releases to services such as PR Newswire. Industry jargon and buzzwords are a little more acceptable in such routine attention fodder, but strong, accessible writing will still perform a superior job of advancing your cause among all classes of investors, so hire a professional writer if needed to be certain of factual, error-free presentations.

The simple act of starting a business will bring its inevitable challenges and frustrations, but a smart approach to attracting investments from the ordinary people who account for much of the nation's wealth will likely make the task of funding your new venture one of the lesser problems standing between you and a bright future.

Comments (1)

Matt Nutting via CrowdPassage posted on: February 20, 2014

Thanks for the article. Everyone should know what the benefits are to crowdfunding and how it can help them!

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