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Important Factors to Consider Before Launching Your Startup

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Important Factors to Consider Before Launching Your Startup

By Startup Valley (328 words)
Posted in Entrepreneurs on November 21, 2013

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Starting your own business can be a dream come true, but many people jump in head-first too quickly. To help ensure that your new business is as successful as it could be, it is important to consider a few important factors before getting started.


They say that it takes money to make money, and this is true for most new businesses. You will need capital to get started, and a cushion of cash to help you get through the initial phase of getting started doesn’t hurt. In this day in age, it is cheaper than it has ever been to start a business, but not everyone can live a normal life while starting a new business with their income. Government and private loans can be helpful, but they can also be difficult to obtain and possibly leave you in a significant amount of debt from the very beginning.

A great way to try to raise funds is through an equity crowdfunding portal; with a company like StartupValley. Those who foresee your company vision and future goals can invest in your business for shared equity when the SEC has finalized the proposed rules of Title III of the JOBS Act.


Before getting started, you will want to choose the perfect location for your new business. You don't have to start out in California or in a big city, but put some thought into the area before you build and establish your business. Location can mean close to your target market, nearby your suppliers, in the same community of the best in your field, etc.


When establishing your business, you will probably have a lot of people around you; for optimal results, make sure that these are people who will help you and your company grow. Try to hard working and creative individuals to employ, and make sure that everyone who will be a part of your business is as passionate about the business as you are.

Comments (1)

Daniel_C! posted on: May 10, 2014

Well I think start up is all about planning and rather planning well :)
Even if you plan to fail then fail as quick as possible. Thanks for sharing wisdom, I understand the importance of these factors.

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