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Social Media Savvy: Tips to Increase Visibility for Your Crowdfund

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Social Media Savvy:  Tips to Increase Visibility for Your Crowdfund

By Startup Valley (521 words)
Posted in Crowdfunding on September 15, 2014

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Theoretically, crowdfunding is an easy venture. You have a great idea for a project or service, you set up a campaign and you receive funds through a diverse pool of individuals. Unfortunately, you probably won’t have the luxury of kicking back with your feet up while watching money pour in once you have created your crowdfund campaign. There is an extensive amount of marketing and promoting that must be done and social media plays a critical role in crowdfunding. Done properly, social networking sites help to increase the visibility, and ultimately success, of your crowdfunding campaign.

Know Where to Post

The first rule in using social media marketing for your crowdfunding campaign is to decide what social media sites are the most relevant to your needs. First, research the website's purpose and compare that with what you are looking to post. If you desire image heavy sites, look to Instagram and Pinterest and for text posts, focus on Facebook or Twitter. Secondly, consider the demographic of the site and discern whether that is your target demographic. For B2B campaigns or if you’re primarily aiming to be seen by professionals, LinkedIn might be your best bet. An incredibly helpful tool in knowing who is using what social media site is this infographic by Media Bistro. Choose your social networking sites as carefully as you chose what crowdfunding platform to use, because you want the right people to see your campaign.

Post Daily

It can be difficult to maintain social media accounts as this is often a 24/7 job, but posting consistently is beneficial to your crowdfunding campaign. You want to strike a balance between spamming your target audience and being sure your posts do not get buried in the deluge of newsfeeds and other information. Generally it is acceptable to post once daily to the most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Twitter is a special case as it caters to brief messages. Send tweets to influencers, those who regularly talk about topics related to your crowdfunding campaign, and your followers five to ten times daily. Reaching out to influencers and using hashtags help expand your reach.

What to Post

When you are updating social media frequently it can become difficult to produce original and diverse content for your followers. Vary the types of posts when you are able. Facebook allows users to publish links, videos, images and text updates. Use each and every one of these to keep your content fresh and interesting. Make your tweets do double duty by reaching out to your followers and asking them to retweet and spread information. Include a call to action in all of your posts that very clearly tell fans and followers what they can do to assist in the success of your campaign.

The use of social media for a crowdfunding campaign is completely different than personal use and it is important to understand the distinctions. Social networking sites help you effectively market your crowdfunding campaign only when you put in the necessary work. Be unique, personal and consistent with your social media marketing to successfully fund your business venture.

Comments (1)

Maaike posted on: November 6, 2015

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