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StartupValley Featured on Forbes.com

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StartupValley Featured on Forbes.com

By Startup Valley (345 words)
Posted in Events on October 10, 2012

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Technology-focused equity crowdfunding portal, StartupValley has been mentioned on Forbes.com! Kirsten Bischoff, a Forbes contributor includes StartupValley in her recent article: “Equity Crowdfunding Portals Hit the Desert to Prep for 2013 Launches.” Bischoff writes that up until now, Kickstarter was probably the best known crowdfunding platform, allowing people to trade anything from t-shirts and thank you cards, with investors willing to back their dreams. Due to specific portions of the JOBS Act which was signed by President Obama in 2012, crowdfunding will give new hope to future entrepreneurs and startups seeking additional funds. Crowdfunding could quite possibly be the jumpstart that the US economy has been hoping for.

StartupValley will be easily distinguished from other crowdfunding portals, because it is targeted and caters to tech startups and businesses. Technology startups should be given special attention, because they will present innovative ideas in the areas of: mobile devices, apps, websites, IT infrastructure, renewable energy, cloud computing, media technology, and more. Niche crowdfunding portals will more than likely be the staple online crowdfunding portals of the future. Online crowdfunding will allow these startup companies to generate the funds needed in order to get their company off the ground or take it to the next level.

Raising capital is getting increasingly more difficult to come by, and traditional investors have become a shrinking population. Investors require personal information that could be an ultimate deciding factor in whether or not a startup receives the funds that they require. Online crowdfunding for equity will be exciting for new and existing entrepreneurs alike, not to mention “investors” who will be able to choose which tech startups they wish to fund.

Crowdfunding portals could not have stepped in at a better time in order to support and assist entrepreneurs in launching their startup. Crowdfunding will launch a new breed of entrepreneurs, and also introduce products that could pave a new path for technology products.

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