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StartupValley Heads to Crowdfunding Bootcamp

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StartupValley Heads to Crowdfunding Bootcamp

By Startup Valley (481 words)
Posted in Events on October 05, 2012

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StartupValley will be heading to Crowdfunding Bootcamp at the Ravella Resort and Spa, Lake Las Vegas, NV. Unlike typical events, the lineup of speakers at the first annual Crowdfunding Bootcamp event will speak, and teach event goers valuable skills. At the same time, this bootcamp will help entrepreneurs prepare for equity crowdfunding. The first annual Crowdfunding Bootcamp event will be led by an incredible group of advisors who have all worked hard to lead the charge in order to make this event one to remember. StartupValley is proud to announce that we are one of the official sponsors of Crowfunding Bootcamp.

Opening night of Crowdfunding Bootcamp begins on Tuesday October 9th at 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm. “Get to Know the Crowd” will be a networking cocktail party inside the Funding Portal Pavilion Ruth E. Hedges, creator of Crowdfundingroadmap will welcome and open the event and introduce Peter Shankman from Hel A Reporter (HARO). The following day will consist of: continental breakfast, seminars, workshops, and more. The event wraps up on Thursday October 11th at noon. If you will be attending Crowdfunding Bootcamp this weekend, come prepared!

“…the industry will need to set a goal to prepare at least 1 million entrepreneurs for legalized crowdfunding by early 2013. If the goal is reached, then there will be a functioning pipeline of issuers to fill the growing list of intermediaries and funding portals emerging across the internet.” – Ruth E. Hedges, CEO CrowdfundingRoadmap

The JOBS ACT imposes certain requirements for companies who are seeking to utilize the crowdfunding exemption. Crowdfunding Bootcamp will offer inspiration, and better prepare entrepreneurs on the road to building capital for their startup. StartupValley looks forward to hearing inspiring tales of how some of today’s hottest companies are doing in the startup stages. We are also looking forward to gaining invaluable information directly from those on the legislation forefront of this new and emerging industry.

Entrepreneurship is very important to our country’s long term success, so it’s time that we all get involved in one another’s big idea which could boost our economy, introduce new innovative ideas, and create jobs. Crowdfunding for equity will allow friends, family, fans, and new followers to support startup ideas in ways like never before. StartupValley is looking forward to attending the first annual Crowdfunding Bootcamp event by CrowdFundingRoadmap, to further share our portal to entrepreneurs from around the country.

To any entrepreneurs who are seeking funding, this event is for you! Be one of the first companies to Crowdfund for equity in 2013! If you are attending, be sure to look out for the StartupValley booth and say hello!

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