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StartupValley Participates in Global Crowdfunding Day

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StartupValley Participates in Global Crowdfunding Day

By Startup Valley (341 words)
Posted in Crowdfunding on April 05, 2013

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Global Crowdfunding Day recognizes the power of the crowdfunding industry. Today is a day where others show their support to local entrepreneurs and businesses. The crowdfunding community represents a group of individuals who aim to make a difference by supporting one another. April 5th, 2012 is the day when the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) was signed and approved. The JOBS Act strongly supports equity crowdfunding and will revolutionize aspects of investing, launching new businesses, and more.

StartupValley is a proud supporter of Global Crowdfunding Day as we allow startup businesses to pitch their idea, business plan and share their concept with others. Our crowdfunding portal allows  entrepreneurs the ability to raise funds in exchange for equity in their company. Using traditional methods can make it difficult to get a business off the ground, but crowdfunding will defy the standards of investing. The JOBS Act will completely change the process and speed of how startups are brought to market.

There are multiple ways that communities and individuals can show their support towards crowdfunding such as:

  • Pitching your crowdfunding idea
  • Donating to a friend or family members project on a donation based platform
  • Utilize social media to spread awareness of Global Crowdfunding Day
  • Tweet using #globalCFday on Twitter

Today, those who look at “the bigger picture” are honored for their hard work, diligence and resilience. Ultimately, the individuals who plan on taking part in the crowdfunding movement are responsible for making an impact on today’s economy. Crowdfunding can help turn dreams into reality by introducing a new wave of entrepreneurs along with products to help grow different industries.

"Crowdfunding shows us how we are all connected by the power of our dreams and our ability to manifest and fund those dreams. I created Global Crowdfunding Day to unite us in a universal way so that we can act together for 24 hours around the world and support those who dare to innovate and take on the challenge to create the jobs every economy desperately needs” – Ruth Hedges

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