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StartupValley to Attend NY Tech Day 2013

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StartupValley to Attend NY Tech Day 2013

By Startup Valley (321 words)
Posted in Events on April 25, 2013

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StartupValley to Attend NY Tech Day 2013

StartupValley will be attending NY Tech Day at Pier 92 today! At the event, hundreds of entrepreneurs will be exhibiting their startups to: consumers, investors, early adopters, job-seekers and more! There will also be potential to gain additional exposure through various press and media outlets present.

Last year’s inaugural expo was greatly successful and sold out The Lexington Armory in New York within a short period of time. The first Tech Day event was made up of 200 startups and 4,500 attendees. This time around, it is lining up to be an even larger turnout than its debut. The layout will resemble a science fair, except for startup companies! Listed below are a few reasons we are excited to be a part of the largest startup event in the world!


  • Over 400 startups will be present
  • 10,000+ attendees
  • Meeting various venture capitalists and investors present
  • Press, media and journalists: Forbes, TechCrunch, BetaBeat, Cnet and more.


Leading up to the event, NYTechDay.com has been blogging and posting updates to website visitors and registered guests. They even held a contest giveaway where the prize was a custom Xbox, on behalf of Outlook.com. Contest participants were asked to create Tech Day reminders by using post-its and uploading their photo to Twitter. Those who entered were told to get creative and upload using #NYTechDay!

StartupValley will be one of the many exhibitors present today. Participants can also request to meet with us in advance for background information or pitch their startup concept. Our business model is focused around equity crowdfunding to allow tech startups and new companies to acquire funds through the crowd. While we focus heavily on companies within the technology sector, we also encourage: mobile apps, social media, healthcare, solar technology and more. Contact us directly to learn how you can pitch your startup!

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