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Articles Tagged - funding

Title III of the JOBS Act Underway: Everything You Need to Know

By Startup Valley, Posted in Equity Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding revolution has democratized the once exclusive realm of capital investment, and the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, better known as the JOBS Act, has established regulations to further level the playing field.Title III of the JOBS Act, which is projected to be fully implemented in the late spring or early summer of 2014, will finally allow non-accredited investors to support new startups. Platforms such as StartupValley are already allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch their project... read more.

Important Factors to Consider Before Launching Your Startup

By Startup Valley, Posted in Entrepreneurs

Starting your own business can be a dream come true, but many people jump in head-first too quickly. To help ensure that your new business is as successful as it could be, it is important to consider a few important factors before getting started.FundingThey say that it takes money to make money, and this is true for most new businesses. You will need capital to get started, and a cushion of cash to help you get through the initial phase of getting started doesn’t hurt. In this day in age, it is cheap... read more.

Why There is Not a Bubble Within the Tech Community

By Startup Valley, Posted in Crowdfunding

When the dot-com bubble came to a disastrous end in the early 21st century, financial analysts and market observers were quick to speculate how long before it would happen again. A cursory look at today’s tech scene may evoke some of the same concerns that accompanied the bursting of the dot-com bubble, but things are different this time around. It is safe to say that there is no tech bubble at this time; here’s why: Well-Defined and Valuable Platforms Modern day tech startups have a variety... read more.

How the JOBS Act Will Revolutionize Investing

By Startup Valley, Posted in Investors

The JOBS Act is a bipartisan bill which aims to support startup companies and small businesses by making it easier for them to access capital than ever before. A key feature of the bill that has gained a high amount of attention is the crowdfunding portion. Once the JOBS Act is approved, startups will be able to jumpstart their business by quickly raising capital online for shared equity in return.Crowdfunding will open up a world of new funding possibilities for entrepreneurs, investors, and areas of the e... read more.

What Makes One Crowdfunding Portal Better Than The Next

By Startup Valley, Posted in Crowdfunding

If money is the main thing discouraging you from launching your startup, stop waiting! Crowdfunding portals are a great way to present your potential business idea to others, engage your audience, and utilize your online connections to build awareness for your startup. Crowdfunding has been used in the past to support a wide variety of activities and causes, including: disaster relief, support of artists by fans, political campaigns, free software development, and startup company funding.While crowdfunding... read more.

StartupValley Heads to Crowdfunding Bootcamp

By Startup Valley, Posted in Events

StartupValley will be heading to Crowdfunding Bootcamp at the Ravella Resort and Spa, Lake Las Vegas, NV. Unlike typical events, the lineup of speakers at the first annual Crowdfunding Bootcamp event will speak, and teach event goers valuable skills. At the same time, this bootcamp will help entrepreneurs prepare for equity crowdfunding. The first annual Crowdfunding Bootcamp event will be led by an incredible group of advisors who have all worked hard to lead the charge in order to make this event one to r... read more.