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Articles Tagged - socialmedia

5 Ways to be a Better Entrepreneur this New Year

By Startup Valley, Posted in Entrepreneurs

A new year means you will be accosted with new opportunities and various other possibilities for change and growth. Given that knowledge, preparation is key. To be a better entrepreneur of time and money this year, take these five steps:Step 1: FocusBegin each day focused. Take the time to actually visualize and consider those things laid out for you. If there are regular expectations, contemplate how to effectively and efficiently get them done. If there’s a meeting to attend, or a report due, focus... read more.

5 Social Media Strategies for a Strong Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

By Startup Valley, Posted in Equity Crowdfunding

The 2012 passage of the JOBS Act provided hope for thousands of entrepreneurs around the nation. When the new law is fully implemented, startups will no longer face unfair restrictions on fundraising efforts. With access to equity crowdfunding, the U.S. business community may enter a new era of development and healthy cooperation. Here are five social media tips to help you fully capitalize on this new era of equity crowdfunding campaigns.  Control Your Message and Keep Your Team FocusedMessage contro... read more.

How Equity Crowdfunding Will Benefit Modern Day Entrepreneurs

By Startup Valley, Posted in Equity Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has fundamentally changed the way new businesses get funded. Instead of asking the bank for a loan, it asks everyday people to pitch in a few dollars each to see their idea make it to market. In exchange, each donor receives the company's product free of charge. However, the equity crowdfunding model is going to revolutionize the traditional method of seeking startup funds when exchanging securities. Each Donor Becomes an Investor Instead of receiving a free watch or t-shirt, each donor is en... read more.

NY Tech Day 2013 [Review]

By Startup Valley, Posted in Events

Last week, StartupValley attended NY Tech Day 2013! The sold out conference was held at Pier 92 in New York where there was a great sense of pride and confidence from all present attendees. We had the opportunity to meet a great deal of new entrepreneurs, learn about their startup concepts, investors and other third parties as well. NY Tech Day generated a true buzz within the tech and crowdfunding communities, enticing many people from around the country to attend the event.NY Tech Day was dubbed as &ldquo... read more.

The Crowdfunding Revolution

By Startup Valley, Posted in Equity Crowdfunding

The JOBS Act was signed by President Obama on April 5, 2012. The bill will offer hope to startups seeking more funds in order to effectively launch their business. The SEC is currently finalizing the rules and regulations of the JOBS ACT, which must be followed by startups, investors and crowdfunding portals.The innovative nature of crowdfunding will change the way entrepreneurs acquire necessary funds. The true beauty of equity crowdfunding is the ability for entrepreneurs to raise startup capital quicker... read more.

Tips for Entrepreneurs: Pitch, Marketing, and Preparation

By Startup Valley, Posted in Entrepreneurs

Building awareness and promoting your new business idea is time consuming and takes lots of effort. There are multiple strategies that can be applied when in the process of launching your startup, but make sure not to spread yourself to thin. If you are currently waiting for the SEC to finalize the crowdfunding regulations and think that your business is all ready to go, think again. Consider tackling a few of the tips listed below in the meantime. Market YourselfOne of the most important things that c... read more.

Social Media Savvy:  Tips to Increase Visibility for Your Crowdfund

By Startup Valley, Posted in About StartupValley

Theoretically, crowdfunding is an easy venture. You have a great idea for a project or service, you set up a campaign and you receive funds through a diverse pool of individuals. Unfortunately, you probably won’t have the luxury of kicking back with your feet up while watching money pour in once you have created your crowdfund campaign. There is an extensive amount of marketing and promoting that must be done and social media plays a critical role in crowdfunding. Done properly, social networking sit... read more.