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The Future of Equity Crowdfunding: Where is it Heading?

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The Future of Equity Crowdfunding: Where is it Heading?

By Startup Valley (375 words)
Posted in Equity Crowdfunding on March 17, 2014

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An alternative to applying for a traditional bank loan is to raise startup funds through equity crowdfunding. StartupValley is an online equity crowdfuding portal that was started to offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to engage in a new way of raising capital.

In 2012, President Barack Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act into law, and it will lead the way toward allowing a larger number of people to participate in equity crowdfunding. Before this can begin, the SEC is charged with finalizing the rules and regulations that will govern this new practice. While Title III of the JOBS Act is being finalized by the SEC, StartupValley is offering investors and entrepreneurs a platform where they can meet others within the community.

Where Is Equity Crowdfunding Heading?

Equity crowdfunding has been around for some time, but only those with vast amounts of money have been able to take part in these opportunities. Now, the field is opening up to much smaller investors, so this new way of investing is expected to grow at an exponential rate.

Experts expect equity crowdfunding to be the first choice of those who need to raise capital for a startup business or a company that is growing quickly. If this turns out to be the case, they believe that entrepreneurs and investors alike will see tremendous benefits. Some of the people who can help make this happen have spoken favorably about equity crowdfunding, and they include government officials, well-known leaders in the industry and entrepreneurs.

How Will Equity Crowdfunding Benefit People?

If this new way of raising capital has a chance to expand as it is expected to do, it will benefit everyone, including the American economy. At the moment, banks are being very stingy with their funds, and entrepreneurs without a track record are having difficulties starting their businesses.

With a new way of obtaining cash, more people will be able to bring their products and services to the market. New entrepreneurs will eventually have the ability to hire employees, if successful, so people who have been out of work can also benefit.

Comments (1)

Jaap Krijgsman posted on: August 10, 2014

Nice example you can see on http://www.symbid.nl/ideas/5879-storecorporation

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