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Tips for Entrepreneurs: Pitch, Marketing, and Preparation

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Tips for Entrepreneurs: Pitch, Marketing, and Preparation

By Startup Valley (816 words)
Posted in Entrepreneurs on December 07, 2012

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Building awareness and promoting your new business idea is time consuming and takes lots of effort. There are multiple strategies that can be applied when in the process of launching your startup, but make sure not to spread yourself to thin. If you are currently waiting for the SEC to finalize the crowdfunding regulations and think that your business is all ready to go, think again. Consider tackling a few of the tips listed below in the meantime. 

Market Yourself

One of the most important things that can be a key to your success when launching your startup is withholding a strong personal image. If you are currently highly respected from your peers, co-workers, and friends; you’re on the right track! If you have a random question or idea that is related to your business idea, utilize your personal social networks to get some opinions from your friends and colleagues. Keep your friends informed of any accomplishments or business events that you attend- this will allow them to spread the word and remain interested in your idea. Research any upcoming events that are open to the public where you can network with other successful entrepreneurs. Before attending a professional networking event, have business cards and promo materials ready to be handed out to those you interact with. Attending events on a regular basis will allow you to make new useful connections that you can keep in contact with as you build your company. Others should be able to put a face to a business; this will create a personal connection to your company.

Finalize your Pitch

Perfect your pitch by optimizing it to the best of your ability. A pair of fresh eyes can be highly beneficial when attempting to perfect or revise a written document. Reach out to a friend or colleague who is known for their proficient writing style. You want to ensure that your entire pitch can be summarized in about 15-20 minutes. Prepare a few objections that you can mention if an investor does not support your business idea. Every business has competitors that are either well established within their specific industry or just branching out into the market. You should be well aware of your competition and any recent products or services that they have released. If your pitch is a PowerPoint, include a slide of any press you have received thus far. This will clearly showcase support for your business idea or brand. One of your main goals should be to showcase your high level of knowledge about your chosen industry. An investor will want to asses if you will be able to overcome any unexpected obstacles pre or post launch.

Meet with Successful Entrepreneurs and Investors

Take advantage of any present or past connections that you have made throughout your professional work experience. If you know anyone who has successfully started their own business, send them an email explaining your startup business idea, and ask to reconnect. Reaching out to a recent entrepreneur will allow you to gain helpful insight when attempting to launch your business. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with industry professionals in your field of interest, if you are unable to send them a connection request, see if your current connections could refer you. Set up at least a few investor meetings to test your businesses pitch and hear the feedback given to you. Practice makes perfect, explaining the various goals of your startup should sound natural and not overly rehearsed.

Promote your Business Idea via Social Networks

Although you may be waiting on financial backing in order to launch your startup, creating accounts across several popular social media platforms is a great way to raise your brand awareness in the meantime. Avid social media users feel a sense of pride if they are one of the first amongst their circle of friends to post or share a new company on their accounts. Facebook and Twitter are two staple social networks that you should absolutely consider in promoting your new business idea. The posts on your social accounts should be relevant to your company, for example: if you are a tech company launching a mini camera designed for video blogging, share content about well-known vloggers, why these users will find your product appealing, and how it can be beneficial to them. On Twitter, create lists that you can reference back to when you feel stumped for topics to post about. Social networks are an excellent way to grab the attention of your existing fans as well as attract new followers. Achieving success on social media websites is not a simple task, but with consistency and paying close attention to the type of content that your audience finds most appealing will allow you to build a respectable following before launch.

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