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Turning a Passion into a Business

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Turning a Passion into a Business

By Startup Valley (619 words)
Posted in Crowdfunding on August 17, 2012

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It’s no secret that many people hate their jobs. While the reasons for hating a job can vary from disliking the boss, hating the field of work or just looking for a greater challenge, people are unhappy with their careers.

Although entrepreneurs take financial risks in starting their own businesses, they do it because they are adamant about doing something they love. Entrepreneurs are turning their passions into business every day. What’s the difference between entrepreneurs and you? Entrepreneurs are willing to take risks to succeed.

If you’re ready to turn your passion into your own business, start with these tips:

Evaluate yourself

Starting a business isn’t for everybody. Are you determined and willing to work hard? The road to entrepreneurship is a difficult one. As stated before, there are financial risks you must take and if you don’t have the determination to succeed, those investments will be lost. Entrepreneurs are determined, disciplined, knowledgeable and willing to take risks. If you don’t meet all of these characteristics, the road to entrepreneurship might not be for you.

Furthermore, make sure you’re starting a business representative of your passion. This will ensure that you have a complete knowledge of the industry first. Learn everything you can about your passion before investing money into starting a business.

Become an authority

If you’re starting a horticulture business and no one knows that gardening is your hobby, you’re already doing it wrong! Part of monetizing a passion is having people first see you as an authority on that passion. Share tips and advice to friends and family. It’s strongly recommended that you start a blog so that you can gain a following of interested readers who may become future clients. Take the time to build yourself as an expert, and turning your passion into a business will be a little bit easier.

 Don’t go it alone

It’s rather difficult to start a business without support. Networking with people who share the same passion will not only help you establish credibility, but it will also help you find someone, as passionate as you, who can help you launch your business. The truth is, passion isn’t enough to help you succeed, but passion will help you overcome struggles of giving up and letting the dream die. Teaming up with passionate people with different skillsets will help you balance out your weaknesses.

Get funded

As I stated before, depending on your product/service, there is great financial risk in starting your own business. However, if you’re business allows you to do something you love while getting paid for it, the reward is well worth it.

You may find at some point that the financial risk is little more than you can handle. There are many crowdfunding websites that will help you start your business. StartupValley is an equity crowdfunding website and a great place to look for investors if your business has to do with technology.  Other crowdfunding websites differ from StartupValley because they’re reward-based.

If you need to exceed your own personal budget to successfully turn your passion into a business, make sure you try a crowdfunding source.

Don’t give up; keep learning

As stated before, the road to entrepreneurship is not an easy one. There will be many discouraging failures in finding ultimate success, but the true failure occurs when you choose to let the dream die. It’s easier to persevere if you truly are passionate about loving what you do and getting paid for it. One of the most successful entrepreneurs, Richard Branson, gave the advice to smile, be positive, believe in yourself and never give up.

In addition to keeping the dream alive, you must keep learning both from your mistakes, as well as new ways to succeed. Keep your mind open and never stop learning.

Comments (1)

Nyakach posted on: August 27, 2012

Really inspiring, I will keep on the fight! Thanks Rich, you my icon!

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