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What Makes One Crowdfunding Portal Better Than The Next

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What Makes One Crowdfunding Portal Better Than The Next

By Startup Valley (386 words)
Posted in Crowdfunding on October 22, 2012

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If money is the main thing discouraging you from launching your startup, stop waiting! Crowdfunding portals are a great way to present your potential business idea to others, engage your audience, and utilize your online connections to build awareness for your startup. Crowdfunding has been used in the past to support a wide variety of activities and causes, including: disaster relief, support of artists by fans, political campaigns, free software development, and startup company funding.

While crowdfunding is an excellent way to raise funds for your startup, many popular crowdfunding sites use an all-or-nothing model, which means you set a goal for your raise; if your raise exceeds your initial goal, the money is yours, otherwise the backers are not required to pay and you are unable to keep any funds that were raised. Other crowdfunding websites will actually penalize you for failing to hit your proposed goal of funds you believed could be raised online. Some of these sites have been designed specifically for 501©(3) registered nonprofits to raise money, where the fees are low and all donors on the site understand that all of the contributions will be tax deductible. There are multiple factors that set one crowdfunding website apart from the rest, but if you are a startup looking to raise funds in return for shared equity in your company, StartupValley is the crowdfunding portal for you!

StartupValley.com is currently in beta, while the final rules and regulations are being put in place by the SEC. However, investors and entrepreneurs are being encouraged to sign up now for early access to the crowdfuding portal. Startups, entrepreneurs, companies and business will have the ability to raise up to $1 million per company/per year through crowdfunding on StartupValley. With the birth of the JOBS Act, companies will be able to raise funds through the crowd and in exchange, give a portion of equity in their company for each related investment.

StartupValley will change the way companies raise money and hopes to lead a new era in technology crowdfuding. StartupValley is a member of CFIRA (Crowdfunding Intermediary Regulatory Advocates). CFIRA is working together with the SEC and FINRA to assist in creating new and improved industry standards and guidelines.

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