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  • What is StartupValley?

    StartupValley is an equity-based crowdfunding portal that allows tech startups and business to raise early-stage capital in exchange for equity ownership in their company. Businesses can post their company, pitch their product, and raise funds for the development of their next big tech idea. All investors and non-accredited investors will be given a related equity ownership in the company for their investment amount, as determined by the owners of the business.

  • Is StartupValley Strictly for Tech Startups?

    StartupValley has a heavy focus on tech startups and businesses in the technology arena. This includes mobile apps, Facebook apps, social apps, websites, social networking, social media, healthcare and medical technology, high tech sciences, and energy and solar technology.

    If you are not a technology based company and want to get your company listed on StartupValley, please contact us today.

  • What is Crowdfunding?

    Crowd funding or crowdfunding is a new term that has been created to describe the act of raising small funds from a large number of people (aka, the ‘crowd’). In the past, the crowd will fund an idea in exchange for a gift or reward. Now, with the birth of the JOBS Act, the crowd can now fund an idea for an exchange in equity ownership in the company. Click on to read more about equity crowdfunding.

  • What is a private placement offering under Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933?

    Regulation D provides exemptions from the registration requirements of Section 5 under the Act. A broker/dealer has the duty to conduct reasonable investigation of securities that they sell under a Regulation D offering. The private placement market is an important source of capital for many companies, especially smaller issuers.

  • How do I Register for the Beta Site?
  • Can I Login with a Social Media account?

    Yes, you can login with one of your favorite social media accounts via direct connect.  We currently off the ability to login via your LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook accounts.  We do however recommend connecting with LinkedIn, as StartupValley is a professional network, very similar to LinkedIn. This will make your registration quicker and easier.

  • How do I contact StartupValley?

    To contact the StartupValley Team, complete our contact form.


  • What is an accredited investor?

    An accredited investor falls within four different definitions:

    • A professional individual whose net income is over $200,000 within the past two years.
    • A person with an income exceeding $200,000 or joint income of $300,000 over the past two years.
    • A person with a net worth exceeding $1,000,000 individually, excluding the primary residence.
    • A person who is a general partner, executive officer, director, or related combination for the issuer of a security being offered.

    All accredited investors will need to self accredit and will also undergo a new account form process and background check before they can invest in any offering on this portal.

  • How does StartupValley stop fraud?

    StartupValley imposes background checks on every founder of every company that it approves. StartupValley also encourages every investor to do their own due diligence before deciding to invest.

  • Why should I invest?

    Investing in startups is not like going to Las Vegas and hitting the Jackpot. Startups are risky, and because of this fact investors should only invest in projects that they truly believe in and believe not only the idea but the management team and founders have the secret sauce to becoming a he success.

  • When can I start investing?

    As an Accredited Investor you have the opportunity to review any of the approved offerings shown on this portal.

Entrepreneurs, Startups and Businesses

  • How much money can startups, entrepreneurs, companies or businesses raise through private placement under Regulation D?

    Under Rule 506 there is no dollar limitation of the offering.

  • How do I Join StartupValley?

    StartupValley is a crowdfunding for equity platform dedicated to the technology sector. If this fits your goals, click Register and you are one step closer to a successful startup!

  • How much does it cost to put my business on StartupValley?

    Currently, there is no charge to submit your business for approval and gain exposure before the JOBS Act regulations get figured out. Once the regulations are confirmed, StartupValley will charge 5% of successfully funded campaigns.

  • How long until we can start crowdfunding?

    We can’t say for sure just yet because the SEC still has to finalize all of the regulations. What we do know is that it will be in the first few months of 2013!

  • How do I be sure my campaign is successful?

    Nothing is guaranteed, but we have crowdfunding tips to help! Check them out!