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Our Mission

Ameristream delivers geo-targeted, live and local broadcast streams, On Demand Streams, Blogs and Video programs. With more than 100 million consumers accessing audio and video content every month our platform feeds their hunger with music, pop culture, news and sports entertainment.


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Full Pitch

Ameristream is a high impact, digital delivery platform operating at the intersection of media, creative and technology.

We merge unique, local content between brands and millennial consumers. We provide a platform that feeds their obsession with music, video, news, and pop culture that incentivizes them to share stories, join communities, and explore.

Our strategy creates brand engagement between compelling content, client brands and the consumer wrapped around rewards and contests. Our goal is to broadcast, create, design, and make possible listener experiences that go beyond our client's expectations by means of the newest technology delivering standout digital advertising experiences, targeting and engaging our client’s with the greatest value for their advertising dollar.

More than 25% of the U.S. population is listening to content on their Smartphones; 70% listen to some form of audio on their phone. As more people join the Smartphone society, opportunities will increase for our client's to target mobile-savvy consumers on the move with real-time, contextually relevant offers and promotions that can be instantly redeemed close by.

As developers, we have created unique rich media platforms to message one of the fastest growing buying pattern segments in the country. We also stream live events w/A&R companies, which produces gate receipt revenue and in stream inventory.


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  • Bradlee Myers
    Bradlee Myers 58 months ago

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