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Our Mission

SILVERWING allows customers to search and compare pricing on private aircraft available for charter, and aircraft operators to easily manage bookings and monitor their aircraft using our integrated fleet management tool. Customers will be able to conduct research, see available aircraft in real time, price shop the competition, and complete their booking transaction online without the need to leave the website or contact a charter broker. We offer this service for free (much like traditional booking sites for airlines) and aim to become the first and final destination for customers to visit when arranging a private flight.


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Full Pitch

SILVERWING is far more than just another company chartering private jets. It’s a catalyst to revitalize an industry that’s lacking in convenient access booking technologies. We’re building an automated online research/comparison/booking platform to charter private aircraft using similar methodology as existing travel service and airline websites. We will create the fastest, most-advanced booking platform available to private fliers, and create value for the industry by making the critical ‘first booking’ as informative, comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective as possible. When logging on to our website, customers will enjoy aircraft research/comparison, trip planner, daily deals, itinerary manager, and the ability to do all of this on mobile, tablet, or desktop. A convenience that has been overlooked for years, the industry has grown to need such a feature. We not only provide a service beneficial for passengers, but one for operators as well. By giving passengers a website with an instant quoting system, linked directly with an online fleet management tool for our suppliers, aircraft operators will gain knowledge of a confirmed trip quicker and will be able to offer higher quality air support to a broader client base than ever before. Our service will initially cover flights originating in North America, but will expand to cover South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia in upcoming years. Operators will be able to pinpoint a flight that is capable of being flown by their aircraft, select it, and fulfill the trip. This will be especially helpful to them when trying to return an aircraft that has been positioned away from its home airport. That aircraft will be able to make a short re-positioning flight to where our passengers are, pick them up, and return home as a revenue-earning flight, rather than an empty leg; which cost operators thousands of dollars at a time, and potentially millions per year in fuel and other expenses.


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