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Our Mission is an online, direct to consumer, manufacturer and distributor of stunning custom made and luxury clothing and accessories for men and women in a socially integrated and incentivized online shopping experience, while doing so at price points that are competitive to the traditional retail mass-market space. Using our patent-pending software and unique cloud-based platform we create an interactive and incentivized experience.


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  • We've just begun development on version 2 of our augmented reality measurement app. This will be an industry first! Contact us for more information.


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Men wear clothes. Most men have a "fit problem" - a situation where normally clothes don't fit perfectly. Traditionally, they suffer with this (think shirts that fit like tents), because they don't know, or can't afford, the alternative - Custom clothing. We've solved this problem. We target men (and eventually women) who wear clothes. More to the point - we believe that everyone has "fit issues" that they have been forced to live with. The USA clothing market was 199 Billion last year, and is headed toward 326 Billion by 2016. The target demographic of men, ages 24-54 spend an average of $1750 per year on clothing. We seek to begin by capturing ~10% (on an average sale) of that number per year from our customer base. We operate as an online, direct to consumer, manufacturer of custom and luxury clothing and accessories. Our core offerings consist of custom and semi-custom men's clothing. Revenue is generated by way of online sales, both a la carte and subscription based (think fruit of the month club). We believe in the power of socially driven growth. ShoeDazzle and Beachmint, two companies that share a similar model, have driven tremendous growth from socially-integrated and incentivized interactions with their customers. While paying heed to the traditional forms of online and offline marketing, the social channel allows for indirect user growth via Dunbar extrapolations and deep referrals. 92% of people trust direct referrals from friends. We know our business - awesome fitting, well-priced, custom clothing and accessories. Our tech - patent pending tools and cloud-based best of breed solutions. We know our market - its you, me, and the guy walking down the street. We drive our growth through our unique socially-driven incentive model. We have created an adaptable, scalable, "best-of" model that is disruptive to the current retail paradigm.


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Since every shirt is custom made how will you handle returns? The shirt will basically be garbage wouldn't it? - Jordan Paul Cancel Reply

  • Martin Cooper
    Martin Cooper 49 months ago


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  • Andrew McClave
    Andrew McClave 55 months ago

    Since every shirt is custom made how will you handle returns? The shirt will basically be garbage wouldn't it? - Jordan PaulMy thoughts exactly!

  • Jordan Paul
    Jordan Paul 55 months ago

    Since every shirt is custom made how will you handle returns? The shirt will basically be garbage wouldn't it?