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Our Mission

Blastis offers a Live Chat solution for the masses that works as a mobile app for small business owners on the go and a desktop chat program for when you are in front of your computer. Simiply add one line of code and your web site can have a live chat solution, Feedback forms are dead, live chat is the future. Communicate with your web site visitors in real time from anywhere! The market is millions of sites!


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Full Pitch

At Blastis we believe that every web site needs a live chat solution, feedback forms are dead and todays consumers want an instant response. Our live chat solution is built to be completely mobile. Currently only big companies with lots of staff are able to offer a live chat solution to their web site visitors, our goal is to change that and allow everyone with a web site to offer a live chat solution.

By using our app we will connect small business owners with their clients via their mobile phones.

Our program is all cloud based and only requires the user to add one line of html code to their site, we send Live chat Requests via Push technology or SMS Text Messaging.

We also have a sms text marketing platform built in that allows our customers to capture their clients mobile phone numbers and send bulk text marketing and communication messages to them.

We are looking for smart money to invest in the company so that we can implement our business plan and get millions of small business owners to add live chat to their web site.


  • DJ Wright
    DJ Wright 46 months ago

    Very interested in investing, send info to as soon as you can

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    Martin Cooper 50 months ago

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