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As the $70B global motorcycle market transitions to electric, BRD Motorcycles has set out to be the dominant motorcycle company of the electric era. We have developed and wholly own the most advanced drivetrain in lightweight EVs, which allows for electrics that can compete and win against the best gas equivalents in both performance and cost. Of our first product, the RedShift, Motorcyclist Magazine wrote "it could be the best Lites-class motocross bike on the market - regardless of propulsion."


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Adoption of electric vehicles will happen the moment they are a better solution for consumers than the gas equivalent. BRD is creating that moment by building simply better vehicles - faster, easier, prettier and more economical than their gas brethren. BRD’s highly anticipated “Redshift” launch model has already received $9M in pre-order inquiries and is destined to set a new standard for performance and aesthetics while offering superior total cost of ownership. Motorcyclist magazine wrote of the RedShift: “one ride confirms that this could be the best Lites motocrosser on the market – regardless of propulsion.”Urban populations are increasing almost two-fold by 2050 and urban densities are rapidly outpacing infrastructure improvements, pushing populations to smaller personal transport solutions that are faster through traffic, and easier to park and store. Consumers are speaking, and the $70bn powered two-wheelers (motorcycle and scooter) market is a clear winner, already experiencing revenue growth of 9% per year as bicycle owners move up the economic ladder and car owners “trade down” for convenience. Simultaneously, cities are faced with growing noise and pollution challenges. Soon both functional and regulatory forces will push those markets to electric propulsion from the combustion standard.Mass adoption of electric propulsion is constrained by energy storage. A battery pack is more costly and less practical than a tank of gas in most transportation segments. BRD has created drivetrain technologies that safely, reliably fit 25% more energy at a 50% lower cost into batteries than anyone else has achieved in the lightweights space. This makes electric the superior cost, convenience and performance option several segments, most notably urban mobility, years before it was previously anticipated. As the electric industry matures BRD is uniquely positioned to broaden its product portfolio across the entire urban mobility market, leveraging credibility and brand recognition unmatched by the competition.

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