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Our Mission

The "EcO-kBoX" was developed as an alternative to the current Renewable Power Generating Sources. i.e. Solar Panels, Wind Mills , Hydro-Generators, Fuel Cells etc. What we developed is a unit that will not only challenge all these power sources it will challenge our defiant beliefs in Fossil Fuels. The EcO-kBoX is and will be the first unit ever manufactured that does NOT need any of the Natural Resources or the Fossil Fuels we are consuming at rapid paces today.


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Full Pitch

We have developed a system that can be installed INSIDE a facility (no CO2 emissions). This is important not only to the consumer but to EcO as a company since it avoids damages and vandalism to the installed equipment. The EcO-kBoX occupies a 72 square foot area (6’ x 12’) and produces 1mw (Mega Watt) of power. This set up which fits in an average sized garage, can produce enough electricity to power 720 homes @ 1000kWhrs per month.
Our EcO-kBoX can also be engineered to produce power from as low as 1kW to an astounding 100mW Micro Power Plant(MPP). This MPP will only consume as little as 40,000 square feet (less than 1 acre) including the control room. All of our units provide 100% Dis-patchable Power 100% of the time.
We have consulted numerous professionals in the renewable energy field and have determined that our product is not only superior to the competition, it by far surpasses all of our expectations. Today we have a chance to prove we can change not only our cities but possibly the entire WORLD!


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  • Pedro Mota
    Pedro Mota 55 months ago

    Ok, very nice, you have a box that give energy... what is the source of that energy?
    What about your web page? I think you can do better than this!

  • Yves Lehmann
    Yves Lehmann 60 months ago

    What is your energy source?