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The election and debate is over! "Obamacare is the law of the land", said Speaker of the House, Representative John Boehner. There are New Rules and Regulations. Electronic Health Network has carved an important niche technology and opportunity to become a key leader in this new market.


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Electronic Health Network (EHN) is a Health Information Organization and Exchange (HIO-X) that developed a unique business model that allows healthcare organizations, public health agencies, payers and other stakeholders to share PHI data, securely in real-time. The Company has secured a strategic partnerships with Cisco Systems and Tiani-Spirit delivering a standard based, healthcare solution.

There are over 595,800 independent healthcare providers in the USA, which most are paper-based or have electronic medical record in silos. In order to qualify for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Financial Incentives; the healthcare provider must utilize an electronic health record system that engages the patient, share PHI data and improve quality of care. Unfortunately, over 90% cannot share PHI data due to out-dated technology, proprietary systems, configuration, integration and implementation problems.

EHN helps health organizations share PHI data with the Multiple Application Secured Health Information Network (MASH iNetwork). The technology is a Hybrid Data Model (HDM) that uses a virtual Clinical Data Repository (vCDR) for immediate access to patient protected health information (PHI) and federated data architecture, to logically separate data into “vaults” controlled by the organization that contributes the data in a highly secured virtual private network (VPN). The architecture design consists of an IHE-based Health Information Exchange (HIE), Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration Engine and a community-based, Personal Health Record (PHR) with multiple applications and data analytics tools. The MASH iNetwork provides fast, efficient, easy to use, safe and secure access to health information in real-time. Providers can integrate patient records, get paid faster, increase revenues, reduce medical errors and improve quality of care. Additionally, patients can have access to their personal health records.

EHN is one of a few privately-held, HIO-X in the US that has the technical capability to assist healthcare organizations to qualify for key federal financial incentives & meet new federal mandates. The business model is vendor agnostic, independent of payers and does not depend on government agencies. As a result, the company has created multiple revenue streams of income from a variety of market segments.

Charles Williams and Aadli Abdul-Kareem founded EHN in June 2007. Charles has over 25 years of business experience is the architect of the system. He is the past Chairman for SCORE, and ThinkTEC, served on the Board of Directors at South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce. Aadli, who originally developed the product line, is a Citadel Graduate with extensive IT development experience, a former chemist and successful business owner that delivers unique sales, marketing and new product development to life.

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