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Our Mission

The new healthcare law mandate that healthcare providers share patient health data. Yet, only 3% can actually share patient health data despite a $500 billion investment from the government.


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Electronic Health Network (EHN) is a health information company using proprietary software technology, client data and business process improvement to enable payers, hospitals, clinics, labs and public health agencies to securely share patient health information without regard to their electronic medical record (EMR) software, geographic location or size and complexity of their operations. Our underlying network has served 250 million patients in over 12 countries with amazing results, improving the quality of care and lowering the cost of patient care - and thus, benefiting all stakeholders.

EHN is one of a few privately-held, health information companies in the US that has the technical capability to assist healthcare organizations to qualify for key federal financial incentives & meet new federal mandates. The business model is vendor agnostic, independent of payers and does not depend on government agencies. As a result, the company has created multiple revenue streams of income from a variety of market segments based on its Infrastructure as a Service Business Model.

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