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Our Mission

Just as Facebook shows you a live feed of your friends, Eyecrawler shows you a live feed of your city, town, or neighborhood without the need for friending or following. It helps you decide where to go and what to do by displaying a live Blink-Stream from area locations. Blinks consist of a photo, category, and comment created by anyone, friends and strangers alike, using the FREE Eyecrawler app.


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Full Pitch

Eyecrawler consists of an app, widget, and TV product. With the mobile app users can view and share Blinks, which consist of a photo, category, and comment. You can view a stream of Blinks coming from a selected area without the need for friending or following. The widget allows websites to display our content feed. Finally, MyCrawler lets venues display live Blinks created in their establishment on their TVs.

If you’re viewing Blinks, you’re seeing what’s happening live, in the area you’ve chosen to follow. You can even filter the Blink-Stream by category such as live-music, karaoke, family friendly, good crowd etc. to isolate content based on what you’re looking to do. It’s also great for people new to the area.

Every social network has content, such as Tweets, Blinks, or posts. The difference is WHERE that content is coming from. With Facebook you see a feed from your friends, with Twitter you see a feed from the people you follow, with LinkedIn you see a feed from your colleagues , and with Eyecrawler you see a feed from the selected geographic area.


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