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Our Mission

fanmeetr solves a major problem for sports fans. With over 50 million diehard sports fans in the US (and over 4.5 billion worldwide) not only do we want to connect these fans together, but we want to connect an audience with $213bn/yr buying power to brands spending $20bn+/yr marketing to them.


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Full Pitch

Having validated fanmeetr in my hometown of Charleston, SC, scaling was the most important thing to us. Now, after 6 weeks of launching and 100,000+ organic users, we have validated a viral spread and a need amongst the fan base.

fanmeetr is the mobile app that sports fans use to find, connect and engage with each other – by their favorite teams – and meet at local sports bars on game day.

fanmeetr DIRECTS the users to recommended locations, and provides incentives to them from our main customers. Distributors, sports bars, restaurants and brands all pay fanmeetr for this large audience on our platform. Distributors and venues use the dashboard to see actual customers and increase business. fanmeetr makes it easy for sports fans and alumni to find each other and meet up to share the thrill of the game.

Ask us to prove it. Spend a few minutes to chat with us, and we'll show you how confident we are in our working model.


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    Saurabh Bhuse 56 months ago

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