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Our Mission

Over the past 3 years, we've been developing and market testing a highly scalable on-demand delivery software. We've created a Grubhub-like portal with Uber-like logistics backend. We've operated for 2 years as a restaurant delivery service and are currently working on a deal to expand into retail/grocery delivery using our platform.


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Full Pitch

We've developed an advanced eCommerce platform with an automated delivery logistics backend that enables restaurants, and other local retailers to offer delivery service efficiently and cost effectively. We've also developed a unique scaling strategy that should allow for expansion in a faster and less capital intensive way than major platforms like Instacart, Postmates. While still unfunded, many aspects of our platform are competitively positioned in comparison to major market players. We're entering our 3rd operating year and have sold in excess of $600k. We're now looking for capital to help with implementation of our expansion plan.

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