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Golfalong is a tech social networking platform connecting golfers and brands like never before. Golf is social by nature, we just utilize technology to bring all the social aspects online in one single platform. Connect. Share. Golf.


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Full Pitch

Golf is a social game by nature, so it only made sense to bring all of the social aspects of the game and put them online. But there are some big problems with golf that we need to solve. Being able to connect with golfing friends and coordinate tee times can be tedious and difficult to do. Finding new golfing friends who match your skill level, playing style and more can seem nearly impossible. We all know golf can get very expensive and golfers are always looking for ways to save money on golf related services and products. Golf can also be very intimidating for anyone trying to get into the game and it can seem a little "snobbish" to outsiders, discouraging the growth of the game.

Golfalong is the solution to these core problems in golf. Golfers will be able to stay connected with friends with fun and ease, and share all of their golfing experiences with a click of a button. Book online tee times, create your perfect foursome, get exclusive deals, challenge friends, track scores, stats and mental notes, book amazing golf vacations and much more. Everything a golfer needs all in one place. And because everything is connected to the social graph, it creates a valuable and beneficial user experience. Golfalong’s core mission is to grow the game by making it more open for everyone.


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