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Our Mission

GPS-Sports is a sports technology company that has been in business since 2007. We have developed and will market a system that will revolutionize the entire Sporting Industry in receiving, tracking, and analyzing sports data in real time. GPS-Sports technology will change the way we all look at sporting events. GPS-Sports unique technology is a combination of four (4) concepts: •Capturing and Recording Statistical Data (real-time) •Gaming designs with educational components •First Alert Sports Tracker (FAST) •GPS Tracking Systems


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Updates (1)

  • GPS-Sports recently unveiled their flagship product, First Alert Sports Tracker (FAST). The company held a Pre-IPO Investors Meeting Tuesday, January 29, 2013 were they received over $100,000 in pledges. GPS-Sports is on track to release the FAST product within the next 24 months.


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Full Pitch

Our flagship product is The First Alert Sports Tracker (FAST). FAST is a life saving product which consists of a compression shirt with five sensors that monitors a player’s telemetry information (heart rate, hydration rate, body temp, impact/G-forces etc…). The sensors communicate with a handheld device to help detect dehydration, Concussions, and other sports related injuries. Other ancillary uses of this product includes military and healthcare (Stress Testing).


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I think you have a awesome idea. How do I invest into your company? - Larrin Johnson Cancel Reply

  • Larrin Johnson
    Larrin Johnson 48 months ago

    I think you have a awesome idea. How do I invest into your company?

  • Martin Cooper
    Martin Cooper 49 months ago


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  • Charles E. Campbell
    Charles E. Campbell 61 months ago

    Great Technology! I will contact you to discuss a collaboration. I hope that you are planning to select high school, college and professional sport teams to test your technology. I look forward to speaking with you.
    Charles E. Campbell

  • Joydeep Kapur
    Joydeep Kapur 66 months ago

    Very valuable