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Is your business growing fast? Have you started getting any international inquiries about your products and services? Are you expanding globally? Speaking the language of your customers, suppliers and business partners is now easier with the professional translations from Lambreff, Ltd. Our translators, interpreters, proofreaders and editors have years of linguistic expertise that will help you in your business endeavors abroad. In addition to our accurate translations, you will find a wide variety of delivery options and add-ons to serve the needs of your growing presence internationally. So, if you are looking for professional translations, reliable service and timely delivery, please contact us for a FREE price quote today!


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Lambreff, Ltd. was founded back in 2007 in Sofia, Bulgaria. However, our story goes back to 1992 when my Dad founded a small home appliances store chain called “Dream in White” in Sofia, Bulgaria. As a small entrepreneur in turbulent economic times, during which Bulgaria’s economy would transition from state-run to market-driven, my Dad had a vision of running a successful business that would excel in its customer service and support.

And so, he did. I helped him by translating many user manuals for the imported home appliances sold at his stores. Later on, when I left for college, I began translating for customers worldwide over the Internet. Right before I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management from SUNY, College at Geneseo, I asked my Management Informations Systems Professor whether he thought computers would ever take over the difficult task of language translations. He answered promptly: “Yes, within 5 years!”. That was more than 15 years ago in 1996...

At Lambreff, Ltd., we believe that computers, indeed, one day... in the not-so-distant future... would be able to replace humans in language interpretations and translations. Until then, you can always count on us to get your translations completed accurately, reliably and on time!

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