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Our Mission

A hyper-local lifestyle / interactive - reactive survey application, for mobile users,geared towards helping consumer’s make “budget friendly” decisions and provide retailers, voluntary consumer data, seamlessly. Surveys are created by retailers or restaurants sent to customers for additional savings. MHU encompasses MHUShop!, an outlet shopping function which provides users with deals from their favorite outlet malls,and MHUEat! provides discounts and budget-conscious eating options for users.


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Full Pitch

I. MOBILE: The advancements of mobile technology and search algorithms have led to a growing number of consumers conducting online searches via their mobile phone and/or tablet. As of Oct 16, 2012 Strategy Assessment estimates that there are 1.038 billion smart-phones on the market
worldwide. This has led to a great number of customers who window shop retail stores though mobile devices and social media platforms such as Fancy, Facebook and Pinterest. Consumers use their mobile phone as their primary source of communication and interaction, this is why targeting
mobile uses is the most efficient access point for retailers
II. PRIVACY: New technologies provide the development sector with powerful tools to carry out its work more effectively, but they also introduce risks. As technology platforms continue to integrate with social media platforms, the customer is often sharing data with retailers unknowingly.
There is a growing lack of awareness of the amount of information consumers share. Now, customers are becoming increasingly selective regarding signing up, checking in, and social media access requests. WITH a growing affinity to privacy, MHU Inc. stands to provide the consumer with
convenience and savings without disclaimer. The MHU privacy agreement protects consumers’ information.
III. COST: “Cost does play a direct influencer on your purchase habit” MHU App enables them to stretch their resources and shop premium brands and restaurants at a more affordable price.
Helping to bring them one step closer to becoming fiscally responsible. Retailers, restaurants, and vendors are using common outdates, and obsolete sales tools in hopes of produce sales and consumers engagement, predict consumer habit in a completely new landscape.
IV. APP SURVEY: With our real-time survey/reward system, MHU provides retailers direct access and feedback from the customer. Currently retailers create surveys, without much to encourage engagement, minimizing its efforts and accuracy for a more informed decision on the brands
development. MHU will empower the retailer to control the number of customers engaged, questions/answered provided, and the reward for a completed survey.

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