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Our Mission

MMGuardian is a new mobile application that utilizes mobile-to-mobile control and proprietary technology to allow parents to use one interface to handle all their parental control needs: specifically, prevent their teens from texting while driving, lock, locate, and track their child's phone at will, and stop text message-based cyber-bullying.


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Full Pitch

Pervasive Group, Inc., is has developed a comprehensive mobile parental control solution for smartphones and tablets, called MGuardian™, which helps parents locate their children and protect them from the dangers of texting while driving, teen cyber-bullying, sexting, and overuse of the phone during school or study hours. The applications allows parents to use direct phone-to-phone commands to monitor and control their kids’ use of their mobile devices, satisfying parents’ need for peace of mind regarding their children’s online/mobile safety. MMGuardian™ is currently available in beta on Google Play for Android devices, with over 45,000 downloads in under six months, and has a strong 4 star rating, with emphatic recommendations from parents currently using the app. MMGuardian™ has proprietary technologies for prevention of texting while driving, advanced tamper alerting, uninstall protection, GPS battery conservation, and a bullying alert engine that are unique among our competitors.
Our Core Strengths Include:
• Existing technological advantages and strong IP protection as a barrier to entry.
• Most comprehensive product available with proprietary technology in a fragmented $1 Billion+ market.
• Encouraging beta traction with 45,000+ downloads and strong user ratings despite very limited marketing
• Strong leadership team in place with previous success working together and over 50 years of collective experience in telecommunications between software architecture and product operations.


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