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Phroogal is answers and access to financial knowledge. Think Google, Quora and Yelp on personal finance.


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Full Pitch

Imagine if finding financial information, resources and tools were easier because they were indexed aggregated and peer-reviewed. Not search engine ranked, advertised or socially hyped. Imagine if we could leverage our social networks and use the collective knowledge of many to help make better financial decisions.

Phroogal is answers and access to financial knowledge. Think Google, Quora and Yelp on personal finance.

Financial illiteracy is a big problem in America. In response, government agencies, corporations, non-profits and tech startups create more products and tools to solve financial incapability.

The problem is not the lack of fancier budgeting apps, calculators or tools. It’s the inaccessibility to relevant knowledge and discoverability issues of existing resources.

After all the financial literacy efforts and apps downloaded, 6 in 10 people still rely on Google search to find answers. These results include an abundance of links that are advertised and search engine optimized leaving knowledge seekers to determine reliability and relevancy often delaying action.

Social networks have entered a second phase of development and evolving to solve real problems.

People are already crowd sourcing financial knowledge on Facebook and Twitter. They are sharing financial articles on Linkedin and Google+. We’ve built technology on top of existing social networks to make your personal relationship with money socially anonymous.

We are building phroogal – the way people learn about money and around behavior – through search engines and social interaction.

Phroogal is crowd sourcing information enabling social collaboration to share knowledge discover tools connect with money savvy peers and financial experts to help you make better just-in-time financial decisions.
We launched our beta on Feb 3rd and registered users have grown on average 45% week after week.

Phroogal has added over 10,000 questions and answers and we’ve indexed aggregated dozens of government and nonprofit website resources. We are on our way in building the largest financial knowledge base in the world.

Join us in disrupting the silos and search monopoly on financial information. Lets solve financial illiteracy and incapability through Phroogal answers and access.

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