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Royalylicious is a royalty-free directory of stock photos and imagery created by the ‘social world’.


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Full Pitch

Imagine a world where everyone can get paid for their everyday photos.

Royaltylicious is where this will happen! Royalylicious is a royalty-free directory of stock photos and imagery created by the ‘social world’. It will be a combination of a website, social app, and mobile app that allows Members to earn money for the purchase and download of their own photos for use in the royalty free market.

Any user can register, connect with their various photo sharing sites (Facebook, Flikr, Dropbox), and easily add their photos into the Royalylicious database. Members can tag, categorize, and describe their own photos. Tags could include: sunset, caribbean, sun, romantic, etc... Categories will be pre-defined and include: Family, Adventure, Travel, etc…

When a Customer downloads/purchases the image, the Member will receive a royalty on each download. Royalty levels will be paid on a 50/50 split between Royaltylicous and the Member. Other royalty-free site's royalties are between 15% - 45% based on their royalty level. There are other sites that do this and target photographers but they seem to fail to target the everyday person and allow you to easily connect with your social pages and get paid for your personal photos.

This is where Royaltylicious will pick up the slack.


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awesome idea!!! - Frankie Pergola Cancel Reply

  • Anand Gurnani
    Anand Gurnani 48 months ago

    Interesting. I see a few challenges, but the overall concept is bigger than the challenges. Thumbs Up to this.

  • Martin Cooper
    Martin Cooper 49 months ago


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  • Frankie Pergola
    Frankie Pergola 70 months ago

    "awesome idea!!!" - Daryl H. BryantCan't wait to invest in it!

  • Frankie Pergola
    Frankie Pergola 70 months ago

    awesome idea!!!