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Hi my name is Phil Herbert. I am raising money to expand my company. I need extra funding to keep up with the demand. Surveillance is a necessity this day in age. I'm not just creating a company; I'm creating a system that will generate great profit. Please assist me in bringing STG to be a million dollar company.


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Full Pitch

Hi there, my name is Phil Herbert. I am a 30 year old entrepreneur in Phoenix, AZ seeking early stage Angel Investment for my surveillance camera company. I am the CEO and I have been in this industry for over 12 years. My company's name is Standard Technology Group, LLC.
I am the sole owner and operator and responsible for sales, purchasing, system design, marketing, installs, integration, service and more. However I know I’m not a master at all task, so some of the money will go directly to hiring. This investment will also be used to brand our product, marketing, sales reps, stock (5-10k), research and development. This capitol will also enable me to cater to my national accounts.
You can check us out @
The surveillance industry is set to be a 26 Billion dollar industry by 2016. My competitors sale approximately 5-10 million dollars annually and these competitor only provide service state wide. I know with my proven system I can grow this company to a multi-million dollars business in North America. We have already established a powerful position in this industry with clients like Chevron, Marshalls, McDonalds, T-Mobile, Home Depot, Cold Stone, and more. We make it easy for the consumer to buy.


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    Jonathan Loeffler 53 months ago

    How much are you seeking?