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Over 15.5 million casual golfers in the US shy away from buying golf shoes and apparel because of their limited use and high price tag. Despite this, the US golf apparel market records revenues of 1.6B annually, largely marketing to the other 10 million golfers nationally. Swannies is here to change that - we're focused on creating golf wear for anywhere at an affordable price, starting with the introduction of world's first soft spike golf sandal. Bring Swannies with you – from the golf course, to the beach, and wherever else life takes you.



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Full Pitch

Swannies, a modern golf lifestyle brand, is in a perfect position to take advantage of the new age of golf. Golf sandals are ripe for innovation as existing options are old fashioned, uncomfortable or lack stability. An innovative golf footwear product can capitalize on golf apparel trends and unlock widespread adoption.

Market statistics show a large and growing market with increasing focus on casual golfers. The US golf apparel market is a 1.6B industry annually, half of which is made up of footwear. There are 26 million golfers in the US, 15.5M of which play golf between 1-7 times per year, or are defined as casual golfers. Therefore, our target market represents a large part of the golf population. What is more, a single golf course, Grand National Golf Course in McGregor, MN sold through nearly 500 pairs of Nike loafers last summer. Soft spike golf shoes increased from 10% of the market in 2011 to 40-50% of the market in 2013. The trends towards casual golf could not be more apparent and we believe Swannies is in perfect position to capitalize on them.

We've already demonstrated success in the marketplace. After exhibiting at the Minneapolis golf show in 2015, we were named "Best New Product" by Twin Cities Golf. We also completed a successful Kickstarter campaign in August where we raised $22,000 and sold over 250 pairs of sandals and 300 unique apparel items. We also have purchase orders or soft commitments from ten golf courses (with more coming each week) to order apparel and sandals for the 2016 golf season. Our sandals are 100% manufactured in the USA to add to the intrigue.

We are now looking to purchase additional equipment, create inventory and begin a full sales push to golf retailers.


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