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Hi! I am Kim Forsythe also known as “The NewWorldOptimist”, a little moniker I have adopted to demonstrate my commitment to being a catalyst for positive change on this planet. In just over 2 ½ minutes, I just might alter your entire perspective on the future of the global economy. Now, you might be thinking: Pssh! “Who does this chick think she is? Alter my perspective?? How?” Read on, my friend. My initial business plan is too large to upload to this site, but available upon request.


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Full Pitch

First, the basics: 3D Printing is known by many names such as “additive manufacturing” & “rapid prototyping”. I'm not going to waste our time here by telling you 3DP's history when you can find a wealth of information on the subject by googling it, but I will let you know that this industry is currently hovering around $2 billion a year, but is projected to grow to more than $3 billion by next year, and even more amazing is the prediction of it rising to a $16billion a year industry by 2018. An 8 fold increase in the next 3 ½ years?!?! In my opinion, this is a seemingly modest growth projection due to the nearly endless uses for 3D printing. It's a technology that has proven valuable in nearly every sector of our society. Nearly. Every. Sector.

My start-up company The Future In 3D or TFI3D for short is poised to break into this industry at a pivotal point in the development and mainstream introduction of this technology with a veracity rarely seen in start-ups.

That point is right between 3DP being virtually unknown by the general population and the industry launching an unstoppable force into hundreds of millions of homes & businesses.

TFI3D's multifaceted and ambitious approach to this industry will begin in the novelty area and quickly branch out into every other market. A dramatic shift in manufacturing will occur when 3D Printers are in nearly every home & business and that is only one of TFI3D’s goals...

but, wait a minute….. If people were able to simply “print” things out at home that they would usually buy in the store… Does that mean….???? YES! This means a total shift in the global economy. TFI3D aims to be right at the center of this shift and assist in bringing manufacturing back to local communities in a way never seen before. Thus, drastically reducing the carbon footprint of manufacturing.
If you'd like to know more about how TFI3D fits into the equation, contact me and let's discuss how we can work together to move TFI3D and the 3DP industry forward.

Thank you for your time and consideration!


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