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Our Mission

Most people when they think shopping they think fun, invigorating and fulfilling. But ever since shopping has moved online it's lost its very essence women are so used to love. It’s become unexcitable, detached and dispassionate. Ubliette aims to change that. We have started on journey to revolutionize online shopping by making it everything its currently not: intuitive, emotional and luxurious. Ubliette team understands that the needs and expectations of the shoppers are changing and technology needs to keep up. That’s why have come up with a unified solution that merges technology with the emotional connection of in-store shopping experience. We have designed a new interface that blends the best of in-store with the best of online.


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Full Pitch

Ubliette is an application that offers users a complete omni-channel solution to seamlessly integrate e-commerce functions and in-store emotions for every budget and every woman who own a smartphone. Women can use their handheld devices to have an enhanced and luxurious online shopping experience. It gives users opportunity to browse trends, visualize items in a luxurious interface and make a purchase in a two-click process.

By eliminating the time spent hunting through trends in online magazines and looking up information on products, Ubliette gives the users the chance to feel the products in a new way. The real goal is to find ways to help users reduce the scope of their search and simplify their shopping experience, and in the process, make online shopping more intuitive and brands more attractive.


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