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Our Mission

Verbase is a search engine to help people searching the internet better find what they’re looking for with user-ranked search results, user-created results in addition to regular results, and keyword-based media rich discussions.


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Full Pitch

Problem: Verbase addresses the problem of unsatisfied users of the popular search engines (with Google, Bing, and Yahoo making up 97% of the US search market). According to a report from Pew Internet, Search Engine Use 2012, approximately 9% of internet users in the US find what they are looking for “only sometimes” or “hardly ever”. Additionally, 44% lacked confidence about their own ability to search for information.
In 2012 there was estimated to be 248 million internet users, which leaves over 20 million persons in the US alone who do not find what they’re searching for online, with many more millions who often do not find what they’re looking for on their first attempt. More surprisingly, over 100 million persons in the US alone lack confidence in their ability to search.
Solution: The major search engines base their search algorithms on machine ranking of internet results. This means utilizing a method that is susceptible to spammers, marketers, and other commercial enterprises taking advantage of weaknesses by, in turn, using machines of their own. Link farms, content farms, spam results, irrelevant results, are a constant scourge of searches engines.
Humans are better than computers in determining what is relevant to other humans. By primarily using a passive user ranking algorithm rather than machine-based algorithms search results are more likely to be based on what real people are actually interested in.
Verbase’s algorithm uses user engagement to weigh results, so it actually gets 'smarter' each time it is used. Further, it will signal which categories are most popular for your search term to help you narrow down your results.


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