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Create private communities around real-life gatherings on-the-go. Your offline encounters captured fast & easy on your phone.


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Until now, social media have ignored real-life gatherings, focusing rather on building extended virtual networks, which have a poor signal to noise ratio, due to their large audiences. Yasmo turns this on its head creating communities around real-life meetings (business,university lectures,festivals,holidays etc) & allows users to chat, share & exchange messages, images & docs on-the-go within private communities generated at offline gatherings.

Yasmo's event app helps conference & exhibition attendees network more efficiently.

Yasmo works as a digital icebreaker that allows you to discover and meet people of interest around you in real-time:

- See the profiles of other conference attendees around you in real time, and receive alerts when they enter the venue.

- Browse and search delegate profiles to find those you’re interested in

- Communicate with attendees of interest to arrange face-to-face meetings with them...on the spot!

- No more time lost looking for the right people, no need to feel shy, and no more lost business cards: just targeted, productive networking to get the most out of your event.

Yasmo is a one-stop-shop solution for event and conference organizers::

- Create a fully-branded, customized app in minutes…and without the development costs!

- Build a digital community around your event that increases attendee engagement and raises your conference’s profile

- Make all your content available to delegates in the palm of their hands: speaker profiles, presentations, floor plans, sponsor info, etc.

- Allow attendees to ask live questions to speakers, answer opinion polls, video stream panel sessions, tweet, and much much more, directly from their smartphones


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